Our recipes are developed right in the Farmer Street kitchen! We use ingredients sourced from local farms and markets, and always strive to put as much love and flavor into our food as possible. We hope you’ll cook with us today!

Farmer Street Pantry’s Very Own Cooking Show

Farmer Street Pantry’s Very Own Cooking Show

After many of our favorite markets and summer food events were canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we sat down to brainstorm new ways to bring our passion for food, cooking education, and the food culture of Central New York to our wonderful community. While we weren’t able to be in the same physical space as each other, we were able to talk over video, and an idea quickly formed—a livestream food show!

Zucchini Muffins with Applesauce

Zucchini Muffins with Applesauce

You know zucchini bread, and you’ve heard of applesauce muffins, but have you ever tried them together? This recipe, adapted from Linda Hafner’s Simple, Fresh and Healthy: A Collection of Seasonal Recipes, is easy to make and tastes absolutely delicious.

Mincemeat Cookies

Mincemeat Cookies

These cookies, made with our vegan, all-fruit mincemeat, are deliciously sweet with sugar, savory from the raisins, apples, and spices in the all-fruit mincemeat, and golden-brown crisp with every bite.

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All-Fruit Mincemeat

Our All-Fruit Mincemeat is perfect for baking into pies, cookies, and tarts, and cooking or roasting with meat, vegetables, and fruits. It also tastes great straight out of the jar or as a topping on oatmeal, ice cream, pancakes, crackers, cheese, and more!

Farmer Street Pantry Mincemeat jars in two sizes

Spiced Cherries

We love this mouth-watering blend of New York State Montmorency cherries, pure maple syrup, Finger Lakes red wine, balsamic vinegar, and black pepper. Use it with soft cheeses, pâtés, on ice cream, with roasted pork, duck, or turkey, or in drinks and smoothies.

Spiced cherries in small and large jars


Our applesauce is lightly sweetened with pure NYS maple syrup, making it a perfect snack, condiment, or sidekick for pancakes or fries. We also like to layer our applesauce with granola and yogurt for breakfast, have it chilled on a hot day, or simply enjoy it as dessert.

Farmer Street Pantry Applesauce in two sizes

Orange Sriracha Dressing

Sweet orange combines with spicy Sriracha chili sauce in this dressing that uses organic olive oil and non-GMO expeller-pressed canola oil along with whole pureed orange. Its flavor pairs well with more bitter greens, bean salads, and various meats and seafood.

Bottles of Orange Sriracha dressing

Lemon Turmeric Dressing

This dressing is deliciously mouth-watering, with lemony citrus flavor enhanced by ginger, turmeric, a touch of maple syrup and sea salt. Use as a base to make dips, or pair with grain bowls, vegetable salads, hummus, chicken, and seafood.

Bottles of lemon turmeric salad dressing