My name is Lynne and I launched Farmer Street Pantry in 2016 with a goal to craft and package traditional and modern orchard fruit recipes that supply convenience, quality and flavor to our customers.

The idea for FSP sprang from my excitement with the recent explosion of artisan food, beer and wines in the Central New York and Finger Lakes regions. As a former pastry chef and history teacher, it’s inspiring to be part of our area’s story of culinary evolution.

History was behind our first product—mincemeat. We learned that mincemeat had been made here in Syracuse for almost 100 years, heard that many people across the country had fond memories of family times eating mincemeat pie or cookies, saw that a new generation liked the taste as well, and created an All Fruit formulation without meat but with other traditional ingredients and plenty of local apples, apple cider and maple syrup. Turns out mincemeat is also a quick, easy way to add flavor to yogurt, ice cream, oatmeal, cheese, pork, poultry, fish and game.

Mincemeat has been our best seller. We also make Applesauce Lightly Sweetened with Maple, Mince Pie Granola (seasonally), and we just launched two salad dressings: Orange Sriracha and Lemon Turmeric. We always seek the best possible ingredients for our products, allowing their natural flavor to shine through.

Image of Farmer Street Pantry owner Lynne Della Pelle in her kitchen

Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook to share your questions, comments, recipes, and photos. Thanks very much—I’m so glad you found us.

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Farmer Street Pantry Mincemeat jars in two sizes


A mixture of chopped fresh and dried fruit that is kettle-simmered with spices and cider, our All Fruit Mincemeat can be used right out of the jar or in baking and cooking. Farmer Street Pantry’s All Fruit Mincemeat is made in the USA with no artificial colors or preservatives.

Farmer Street Pantry Applesauce in two sizes


Applesauce comforts us. Our version is lightly sweetened with pure NYS maple syrup, making it a perfect after school treat, condiment for pork dishes, or side kick for potato pancakes or fries.

Farmer Street Pantry Mince Pie Granola in two sizes


Our granola is nicely spiced with the same tastes you’ll find in our All Fruit Mincemeat and is low in fat and sugar. Mince Pie Granola pays homage to two great food stories from New York State: mincemeat and granola.

Bottles of Orange Sriracha dressing


With whole orange puree and sriracha chili sauce, this sweet heat will play very nicely with green salad, grain bowls, roasted vegetables, as well as with fruit salads, roast duck or turkey, grilled shellfish, and barbequed beef or pork.

Bottles of lemon turmeric salad dressing


This bright dressing brings lemon tang to a new level. Reminds us of preserved lemons. Fresh ginger juice and sea salt partner well with lemon and turmeric in a dressing that can be a crudité dip, a marinade for chicken, fish or shellfish, a seasoning for rice dishes, or a nice addition to lamb or beef recipes.

FSP jars of Spiced Pears with Riesling and Spiced Pears wtih Pinot Noir


Spiced Pears with Risesling & Spiced Pears with Pinot Noir

Sour, sweet, and spicy, these pear slices are an old-fashioned favorite in the American South as well as in French cuisine. Spiced pears are delicious with meat, cheeses and pâtés or as part of a fruit and cheese plate. Riesling and Pinot Noir wines from New York State deliver flavor in every jar.