We craft traditional and modern orchard fruit recipes using locally-sourced fruit, maple syrup, and cider to help you make food that is something special.

Mincemeat Jars


A traditional favorite that’s been updated for modern tastes. Our recipe is vegan with no meat or dairy. It tastes of apples, raisins, orange peel, and spices. Bake with it or eat it right out of the jar.

Farmer Street Pantry Applesauce in two sizes


Our applesauce is a delicious combination of apples and fresh cider with a touch of maple syrup. All ingredients are from New York State. Wonderful as a snack, side dish or in baking.

Spiced cherries in small and large jars


Simmered with Finger Lakes red wine, maple syrup and balsamic vinegar, the sweet tang of these cherries and their flavorful syrup is excellent with any rich foods such as soft cheeses, pâté, game, or ice cream.

Bottles of lemon turmeric salad dressing


More of a sauce than dressing, and with a touch of fresh ginger juice, this pours nicely over asparagus, broccoli, chicken, seafood, or mix it with maple syrup and drizzle over pancakes, strawberry shortcake, or ice cream.

Bottles of Orange Sriracha dressing


If you need a little help dressing up your grain bowl, bean salad, roasted vegetables, salmon, or pork, this bright and richly flavored dressing made with whole organic oranges will do the trick.

Our Recipes

Orange Sriracha and March Madness

Orange Sriracha and March Madness

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.....maybe. Here in Central New York, sometimes it's like a Tasmanian Devil. You might be wondering in this pandemic where to find March Madness in 2021, so we'll bring some to you right now. Farmer Street Pantry is...

Orchard and Vine Truffles (DF/GF)

Orchard and Vine Truffles (DF/GF)

We call these delicious plant-based confections “Orchard and Vine Truffles” in honor of the recipe’s tree or grape vine ingredients. It features All-Fruit Mincemeat, Spiced Cherries, and an extra special ingredient—wine flour!

Maple Walnut Mince Pie

Maple Walnut Mince Pie

We created this as a nod to both Pecan Pie and Mince Pie, but in a vegan, plant-based format. To make it gluten-free, substitute GF flour for the einkorn flour in the crust recipe.